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When registering online with us, please attach a copy of your CV and a form of ID (Passport).


Here's what you need to do...

1. So if you are interested in joining us then you will find the following both informative and useful.

Before contacting The Temp Agency.

Consider what you want out of working with The Temp Agency. The number of hours you want to work each week, what type of work would suit you.

We take the time and care needed to find you the right job, working for the right people... right now!

2. Work Permits and Immigration:


The laws regarding work permits and immigration are very complex. So if you would like more information then please contact:


3. Applying Online:

Please complete the online registration page.

If we consider you suitable to work for us, we will contact you requesting you attend a registration.

Remember that first impressions count!


Once you are registered it is extremely important to keep in touch to let us know your availability.

4. Training:


We ensure you have the correct skills to be able to work effectively on each assignment. So we may require you to undertake further training in specific aspects of Hospitality. Including, Health & Safety, Health & Hygiene, Alcohol Awareness, Banqueting & Silver Service Waiting and Room Attending. This training is both carried out in-house and on-site, working closely with our clients.


5. Ask for Help:

On accepting an assignment make sure you fully understand what is expected of you. Do not be afraid to ask questions if you are uncertain about any information you have been given.

Each assignment you do you are representing The Temp Agency. It is essential therefore, that you are on time, appropriately dressed and work hard.

6. Feedback:

If you have enjoyed an assignment then let us know so that we can place you in similar work.

Alternatively if you have not enjoyed an assignment then let us know so we can ensure you are given different work or a different place of work.

7. Tax and National Insurance:


We are legally obliged to deduct Tax and National Insurance from your earnings. If you would like more information then please go to the following website:

Click 'APPLY ONLINE' above to get started. 

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