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Concerned you have a lack of training?

Need to refresh your memory? 

No worries!


Quick training tutorials and top tips for you to follow:

  • Always be in the correct uniform (you will be guided on this for each assignment).

  • A video below (featuring the dining couple) demonstrates clearing tables efficiently, however the element of removing the side plates (we advise) for banquets should be carried out AFTER the main dishes have been removed, as shown in the alternative video provided.

  • We do hold a few on-site training sessions throughout the year, so please attend if it is not clear or you require the physical training. Do not panic.

  • Bare in mind bottle openers and cork screws vary.

  • At banquets and events, tables may already be set with glasses.


We emphasise the importance of personal hygiene. Neatness and cleanliness standards must be kept. Below is a tutorial on the correct practices of maintaining good hygiene levels.  We also send out cleanliness documents via email to each employee. 

In relation to hygiene and health and safety, you can click here to read through our policies

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AYS Training - Wine Bottle Opening
AYS Training - Clearing at a Dinner
Clearing tables

For the purposes of Copyright© and Infringement claims over the content of the videos, The Temp Agency takes no credit over the embedded videos. All accreditation of the footage goes to the original creators. 

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